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20 Syringe Pens (Mixed or 'Blood')

20 Black ballpoint pens (retractable) shaped like hypodermic needles, complete with a mix of fake ‘drug’ novelty liquid or all ‘blood’

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20 Novelty syringe pens (in mixed colours or ‘blood red’) – our signature novelty item – black ballpoint pen (retractable) shaped like a hypodermic needle, complete with fake ‘blood’ and other ‘drugs’ novelty liquid. Now available with 5 different colour novelty liquids, this item gives you 20 pens in total (4 of each colour or all 20 blood red). All pens write in BLACK ink as required by all healthcare professionals.  20 FREE black ink refills  so DOUBLE value. Millilitre (ml) graduations down the side complete the illusion. Push the top down to deploy the pen nib and click the button on the side to retract. A must for all healthcare workers with a sense of humour! The syringe pens are completely refillable (20 refills included so double value!) and write in black ink as required by healthcare professionals. Just unscrew the nib section to pop out the refill and replace. Extra refills (in a choice of colours) are available. Novelty liquid inside the pens is designed to replicate ‘blood’ and a mixture of other ‘drugs’. Ideal for all you lovely healthcare professionals – Radiographers – Nurses – Doctors – Orthopods – Phlebotomists – Midwives…….

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20 Mixed, 20 Blood


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